Why Shoot in Oregon?


Oregon's history in the motion picture industry dates back to the silent film era. With over 400 feature films and television projects shot in Oregon since then (as well as hundreds of commercials), we can offer experienced crews, production support services, and a great variety of locations.


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What Oregon Can Offer:



Oregon’s incredibly varied locations are not only in close proximity to each other, but also within a two hour flight of Los Angeles. People living in LA can be on a plane in the morning, work a full day in Oregon and be back at home the same night. We also have over 75 local liaisons throughout the state, and good working relationships with state, county, and city officials to help with production needs.


For more about Oregon locations, see our Locations Page.


Our incentive programs can rebate 20% of your Oregon-based goods and services, and an additional cash payment of up to 16.2% of wages paid to production personnel. Unlike other states' programs, these incentives are cash rebates as opposed to tax credits.


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Local Crew…

We have a strong and consistently growing number of talented crew and support personnel who work year round on features, television, and advertising. For a crew and resource directory listing, check out SourceOregon.com »

For information on union membership pools, contact:

  • Charlie Carlsen, IATSE Local 488: (503) 232-1523
  • Brad Harrison, Teamsters Local 305: (503) 251-2305

Local Cast…

Almost every production that comes to Oregon ends up hiring more local cast than they had anticipated, due to an experienced talent pool in the Northwest.

Oregon actors are gratefully taking advantage of the increasing rise in indigenous film and video production. More actors in Oregon are represented by SAG and AFTRA franchised agents and have booked more Guest-Starring and Co-Starring series roles than ever before. The Oregon talent pool has grown into a remarkably well educated, trained, and experienced group of professionals.


No Sales Tax…

All purchases in Oregon are immediately discounted 7 to 8 percent over other states due to the fact that Oregon has no sales tax. There are not any papers or exempt cards to process.