Oregon offers a host of generous incentive programs to help your bottom line. Our incentive programs rebate:

Unlike other states' programs, these incentives are cash rebates as opposed to tax credits.  This enables us to deliver you a check quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Oregon's lack of any sales tax on goods and services can immediately save you 7 to 8 percent.


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Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF)

The Oregon Production Investment Fund offers qualifying film or television productions a 20% cash rebate on production-related goods and services paid to Oregon vendors and a 10% cash rebate of wages paid for work done in Oregon including both Oregon and non-Oregon residents. The labor portion of this rebate can be combined with the Greenlight Oregon program for an effective labor rebate of 16.2%.

A production must directly spend at least US $1million in Oregon to qualify. There is no per production cap.

Oregonians: Click here for information on how to contribute to the OPIF for a tax credit

Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate

The Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate offers productions that spend more than $1million in Oregon a cash rebate of up to 6.2% of Oregon-based payroll. This rebate can be combined with the Oregon Production Investment Fund incentive for an effective rebate of 16.2% on qualifying production payroll.


Implementation of the Greenlight Oregon Program was funded in part with Oregon Lottery Funds administered by the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department.

Indigenous Oregon Production Investment Fund (iOPIF)

The "Indigenous Oregon Production Investment Fund" (iOPIF) provides rebates of 20% of goods and services and 10% of Oregon labor for projects by Oregon producers who spend a minimum of $75,000, up to the first $1million of their spend. Other requirements will apply.

Additional Savings

In addition to the savings associated with the Incentive programs listed above, filming in Oregon can save you money in the following ways:

No Sales Tax

All purchases in Oregon are immediately discounted 7 to 8 percent over other states due to the fact that Oregon has no sales tax. There aren’t any papers to fill out or cards to show to exempt yourself. Oregon simply has no sales tax.

Fee-free State Parks, Cities and Counties

Oregon State Parks will waive filming fees in exchange for acknowledgement in the credits or other scenarios that would be beneficial to the parks. There are more than 200 parks around the state, encompassing over 96,000 acres of incredible Oregon scenery and 362 miles of Pacific shoreline.


There are also currently 27 cities and 3 counties that are:

Lodging Taxes Waived

Lodging taxes are waived for rooms held longer than 30 days.