Oregon Incentives

Through our media incentive initiatives, you can receive a 25% cash rebate on expenses related to Oregon-based goods and services, along with an extra cash payment of up to 26.2% of payroll wages for production personnel working within the state.

Payment and processing is quick and painless. On top of that, Oregon doesn't have a sales tax so your budget goes even further.

Film crew working in Oregon

Oregon Incentives Process

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Save time and headaches by following these steps when applying for an incentive.

First Step

Contact Us

Reach out and give us the details of your project.

Second Step

Budget Review

Let us review a budget and see how your project fits within our Incentive programs.

Third Step

Complete Application

We will send you an application link once we’ve completed steps 1 and 2.


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Explore our Knowledge Base for insights on managing your projects smoothly in Oregon.

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Incentive Deep Dive

We've organized our articles about Oregon's incentives into a handy index for quick and easy information access.

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United States

Comparing State Incentives

Understand the various state-specific film and media incentives, to find the ideal match for your project.

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Filming Portlandia in Oregon

Produce In Oregon

Oregon's production scene is filled with skilled collaborators and crew which makes it a practical choice for filmmakers.

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