Oregon Shooting Locations

Oregon’s incredibly varied locations are not only in close proximity to each other, but also within a two hour flight of Los Angeles. We also have many local liaisons throughout the state, and good working relationships with state, county, city and federal officials to help with production needs. Please visit our ReelScout Photo Database for thousands of location ideas.

Got a Western? This is the perfect state for that - Oregon Western Locations .

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Location Requests

Contact us at (971) 254-4022 with any location questions. We are happy to search our files for potential locations, create an online location package for you, and send you an email with a link to view the selected locations. You may also send an email with information about your project and location needs to shoot@oregonfilm.org.

If you are emailing be sure to include:

  • Contact information (phone, email, production company)
  • Project Type (commercial, feature film, documentary…)
  • Timeline (how urgent is it)
  • and, if possible, the Budget.

Add Your Location to our Database

If you would like your Oregon home/property to be listed in our locations database, you can submit your photos and location information through this link. Your contact info (email) is mandatory but here is a list of other expected information to be included with your submission:

  • The street address of the house/property you’re listing
  • Your name, address, telephone, and email address*
  • Pictures of the property (in JPEG format - both interior and exterior of buildings if possible)
  • A brief description of the home/property

Create your listing now! Once received, we will review your submission and let you know if we have any questions.

“Lights, Camera, Locations” is a brochure created by our office to help guide the negotiation process when considering renting your property for production use.

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