Adding Your Property to the Oregon Locations Database

Do you want to have your home used as a filming location?

You can add you home or property to our locations database.

Filmmakers are often looking for unique locations to film. The first step is to fill out our Locations Submission form here. There, you will upload photos of the location that must be under 10mb per photo, write a small blurb about it and list off any keywords (with commas separating the words) to describe anything unique about your property that might be helpful for someone browsing the database.

Once that is submitted it will be sent to us for review and we will let you know if we need anything else. Once all the information has been provided, we will set it to go live in our database.

It’s as simple as that.

If your property does get chosen as a filming location, check out our resource, Lights, Camera, Locations PDF to help guide you through the process. Contact our Project Manager, Dallas Brown for any additional questions.