Pathways Workforce Development, Training and Placement Program

Diverse Crew in Oregon

PATHWAYS is a workforce development program that creates a pathway for entry and sustained success in the Oregon Media Industry. This program places incoming and historically excluded media makers in paid entry level positions on local productions, promoting an inclusive, healthy, growing and diverse film industry in Oregon.

Since its inception in 2018 (and as of June 2024), Pathways has placed 55 people into paid positions in 86 placements on 42 different projects on sets, in studios and at agencies creating content in Oregon.

The vast majority of Pathways participants go on to find their own work on future projects through connections and mentors they have met through the program and several have accumulated enough experience to join the unions that work within our industry allowing them access to contractually set minimum hourly wages and benefits (health, retirement, and pension).

The Pathways Program is administered by Oregon Film and its partners at Outside the Frame

Pathways provides a supportive entry into the production industry through specific training, ongoing individual and financial support, and connection to mentor/mentee programs. With paid placements, we subsidize, curate and track placements matched to each individual mentee – creating pathways for success in the film industry.  

There are three areas to participate in the Pathways program – 1) training, 2) placements and 3) mentorship. You can find out how you can help and/or participate in any of these areas by reviewing the following linked articles:

  1. How to Participate in Pathways Training
  2. How to Hire Pathways Placements
  3. How to Become a Pathways Mentor

Find a more comprehensive description of the Pathways program here. And please let us know if you’d like to get involved.

Here is a great video from Outside the Frame about the program: ​