Oregon’s Local Lower Budgeted Incentives or “L-OPIF”

Oregon has an incentive program that is dedicated to locally produced, lower budgeted projects that applies to features, shorts, docs, interactive, port-production and animation. The “Local Oregon Production Investment Fund” (L-OPIF, formally “iOPIF”) provides rebates of 25% of goods and services and 20% of Oregon payrolled labor for projects by Oregon producers who spend a minimum of $75,000, up to the first $1million of their spend. Other requirements will apply – such as the project must be actively produced by an Oregon Resident producer or an Oregon headquartered production company, and the principal cast & crew must be made up of at least 80% Oregon Residents.

Interactive media work & post-production-only work from Oregon-based companies also qualify for the L-OPIF program – please contact us at shoot@oregonfilm.org for more information.

A third party payroll company is required and it is also important for producers utilizing the Oregon incentives program to familiarize themselves with the state laws regarding Independent Contractors; which can be found on the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry website. Incentives cannot be paid to companies and projects which are in conflict with state laws.

L-OPIF is a capped annual fund equal to 7.5% of the overall annual OPIF fund.