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Oregon Film, a state agency, has a mission to promote, support and advance the film, video, interactive, animation and creative content industries within the state by fostering connections between production, business and public sectors and strengthening this industry’s profile and reputation locally, nationally and internationally.

Oregon Made Overview

Oregon has supported Emmy winning television productions, Oscar nominated feature films, world class animated projects, hundreds of commercials, award winning virtual reality & other interactive games, branded content, and it continues to be a destination for creative media producers from around the world.


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Oregon’s history in the media industry dates back to the silent film era of the early 1900s. Several of the earliest “studios" were located here, and since then over 500 feature films and television projects have been produced in Oregon (as well as hundreds of commercials and interactive games). Our office helps facilitate by finding experienced crews and support services and a diverse variety of locations.

All of which makes Oregon a great choice.

  • Production in Oregon After COVID-19

    Gov. Brown has laid out a Three Phase Reopening plan for Oregon. As of June 1, 35 of the state's 36 counties are open under Phase 1. All productions will need to adhere to the applicable elements of those general guidelines. In addition, we are requesting that all productions here in Oregon have a written Health & Safety Plan that lays out specific procedures and protocols that will not only allow the production to adhere to Gov. Brown's guidelines, but also help the production keep their cast and crew safe from the COVID-19 virus. The OMPA has published a set of Production Protocols that has been developed in conjunction with the local production community that can be used by each project for guidance on developing a written H&S policy that all project specific cast, crew and production companies should agree to prior to commencement of production.

  • Oregon Film's COVID19 Update & Resource Page
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  • Commercial Production

    Oregon’s incredibly varied locations are not only in close proximity to each other, but also within a two hour flight of Los Angeles. On top of that, our Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate Program allows companies producing a single commercial that spend more than $1M in the state OR companies that produce a series of commercials in Oregon during a single calendar year which, together, exceed $1M of production spending in the state, can qualify for up to a 6.2% cash rebate of their labor costs for crew working in the state.

    - Skilled crew base

    - Experienced Scouts

    - Seasoned talent

    - Equipment

    - Services

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  • Locations

    Oregon’s incredibly varied locations are not only in close proximity to each other, but also within a two hour flight of Los Angeles. People living in LA can be on a plane in the morning, work a full day in Oregon and be back at home the same night. For more about Oregon locations, see our Locations Page.

  • Incentives

    Our incentive programs can rebate 20% of your Oregon-based goods and services, and an additional cash payment of up to 16.2% of wages paid to production personnel. Unlike other states’ programs, these incentives are cash rebates, paid quickly and efficiently, as opposed to tax credits. Learn more about Oregon’s Film Incentives see our Incentives Page.

  • Local Crew

    We have a strong, and deep crew base who work year round on features, television, advertising and interactive games. For a crew and resource directory listing, check out SourceOregon. For the interactive gaming community, check out Oregon Games Organization. For information on motion picture & television production union membership pools, contact: IATSE Local 488: (503) 232-1523 or Teamsters Local 305: (503) 251-2305.

  • Local Cast

    Oregon actors are showing up everywhere - Guest-Starring, Co-Starring, Voice Only and countless commercials - more roles than ever before. The Oregon talent pool is a trained and experienced group of professionals. View a listing of Oregon casting companies and talent at SourceOregon.

  • No Sales Tax

    All purchases in Oregon are immediately discounted 7 to 8 percent over other states due to the fact that Oregon has no sales tax. There are not any papers or exempt cards to process. It’s just savings for being here in Oregon.

  • Anti-Harassment - Guild Procedures & Policies

    If you have experienced harassment in some form on a set or job, or know someone who has, or if you just want to insure your production has its own policy and procedures to follow, you can always contact us and/or contact a guild or union. There are policy and procedures from the DGA, SAG-AFTRA and The Producers Guild on the Resources page on our site.

  • Time's Up Guide to Working in Entertainment
    The entertainment industry is not a typical workplace, and so figuring out your rights and options around workplace harassment, discrimination, and misconduct can be confusing. As part of this initiative, TIME’S UP developed resources for people in the entertainment industry who find themselves in situations that are at best awkward, or at worst, dangerous. These resources cover specific circumstances where people have historically been preyed upon, such as auditions and nude, intimate, and simulated sex scenes, as well as general guidance about your options and rights. Find out more here.

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