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Oregon Film helps to foster the connections between storytellers, productions, businesses, and the public sector, to better enhance and diversify our industry.

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Since the first Oregon film shot in 1909 and a history of literally thousands of feature films, TV projects, commercials, and interactive games, Oregon Film leverages incentives, crews, support services and a myriad of locations to deliver Oregon as the best choice for your project.



With Oregon, enjoy a substantial cash rebate of 25% or more, coupled with a no sales tax policy, enhancing your budgetary efficiency.

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From Emmy-winning TV to Oscar-nominated films, top-tier animation, and acclaimed games, Oregon is an excellent choice for your project.

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Majestic Beauty

From the vibrant cityscapes to the serene coast and majestic mountains, Oregon offers the perfect backdrop for your project.


Every Location Tells a Story

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Delve into our ReelScout Photo Database to discover an extensive array of location ideas, showcasing the picturesque and varied landscapes Oregon has to offer.

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Easy Air Travel Around Oregon

With Oregon's diverse locations just a two-hour flight from Los Angeles and worldwide travel being easily accessible, managing your filming projects in this scenic state while staying connected globally is effortlessly achievable.

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With local liaisons and strong ties to state, county, city, and federal authorities, we're well-equipped to address your production requirements.

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Oregon Film is the oldest state film office in America. Our objective is the advancement of the state's film, television, commercial, and interactive industry. We are committed to elevating revenues, amplifying the industry's presence, and augmenting its reputation within Oregon and across the international stage.


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Explore our Knowledge Base for insights on managing your projects smoothly in Oregon.

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Begin your journey to securing the necessary filming permits here, and ensure a smooth production experience in Oregon.

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Elevate your production quality with robust location support—tap into a wide network of services.

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