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Oregon consistently emerges as a premier destination for creative media producers worldwide, maintaining its allure through a spectrum of high-caliber projects. Boasting a portfolio that includes Emmy-winning television productions, Oscar-nominated feature films, leading-edge animation, and globally acclaimed interactive games, Oregon has established itself as a unique and influential brand in the creative media landscape. Our mission extends beyond merely promoting the development of film, television, commercial, and interactive media in Oregon. We are dedicated to amplifying the industry's financial success and elevating its profile and reputation, not just within the state but also on an international stage, showcasing Oregon as a pivotal hub in the global media production arena. #OregonMade

Oregon Movie Posters

Celebrating 50 Years of Service

Red Accent Line

An Oregon Film 50th Anniversary trailer specially commissioned to commemorate the many iconic films shot in Oregon since 1908. (Created & Edited by Josh Lunden, Original Music by Jake Hull)


Red Accent Line

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Oregon Made

Oregon Made Foundation

A non-profit promoting diversity in Oregon's film and creative industries, emphasizing community and cultural impact.

Oregon Made
Wild Ashaldnd

Oregon Film Trail

The Oregon Film Trail showcases iconic filming locations, celebrating the state's rich cinematic history.

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"The Confluence" blog serves as a hub for Oregon's film and media community to share local industry updates and connect.

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