Oregon Film History

500+ feature films & television shows have utilized Oregon as their production backdrop, from the early silent era films like “The Fisherman’s Bride” (shot in Astoria, 1909), to iconic titles like “The Goonies” (Astoria) and “Stand By Me” (Brownsville) to major TV shows like “Grimm”, the popular NBC television series that shot for six seasons in and around Portland.

You can read about “Oregon and the Film Industry” here on the Oregon Encyclopedia.

Special thanks to The Oregon Historical Society, The Oregon Film Museum, The Oregonian, Leonard Maltin, American Film Institute.

You can also check out a special series we put together on the Oregon Confluence called “Raiders of the Lost Archive” where Guest Contributor Phil Oppenheim explores the stories behind some of the forgotten (and not-so-forgotten) #OregonMade classics.

You can see a full listing of Oregon’s Film History dating back to 1909 here and you can download an Excel spreadsheet of the same here.

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Oregon Film 50th Anniversary Trailer (2018)