Oregon Locations

Oregon’s locations span just about every terrain you can think of, be it wide open rivers, dark narrow trails, rock cliff shorelines, snow capped mountains, horizon stretched deserts and dramatic painted formations. You can find it here and the chances are high that you can find your way to it easily.

One of the first stops to discover your location is to visit our Locations Database. Home to tens of thousands of pictures you can search for your ideal filming spot or browse endless categories of landscape.

In addition, we can help you find your location and put together a “lookbook” for you based on the parameters you send us on some of your key locations. Reach out and let us know what those may be.

We also work with local Liaisons around the state that can be helpful to discovering that perfect place that no one has ever put onto the screen. There are several regional offices that can help and we can often also connect with someone locally or help you find an Oregon based location manager or scout that can work with you to find the best place to bring your project to life.

Once you know your location choices we can also help you with permitting. There is not a “state level” permit issued by our office but, rather, permits are handled by the local entity that administers or owns the land that you would like to utilize. We have a database with hundreds of contacts that we use to help determine who the the best person may be for you to contact. This includes the entire Oregon Coast which, from one end to the other, is a state park. This means there is one point of contact for the beaches and bluffs from California in the south to Washington in the north. Our partners at the US Forestry Service, Bureau of Land Management, State and Local Parks and at local chambers of commerce and visitors’ bureaus and help you connect to the locations you need.