How to Become a Pathways Mentor

In addition to being an integral part of Oregon Media Pathways, Outside The Frame has established a pilot mentorship program to provide participants with 6-month individualized support from industry professionals to further their careers. Thanks to the support of the Oregon Creative Opportunity Fund (permanent funding source through Oregon Film’s state incentive), both the mentors and the mentees will be paid a monthly stipend for their work together.

This mentorship program will include:

  • Monthly meet-ups with the mentee and their mentor
  • Assistance from the mentor with developing participant resumes 
  • Mentee visits to the mentor’s job site and opportunities for them to shadow professionals in the industry
  • Intros by the mentors to introduce the mentee to other professionals working in specific Crafts/jobs that interest the participant
  • Quarterly networking events where mentees may be introduced to potential employers

OTF is also developing monthly workshops with film professionals to provide participants with an overview of their craft and advice on how to get into the industry as well as quarterly networking events for participants to interact with film professionals and develop lasting relationships with potential employers. 

Because of the incredible support from donors including Oregon Film and the Portland Office of Film & Events, we are able to continue offering our participants opportunities to develop their skills, gain employment, and set them on their career Pathways to become the next generation of filmmakers. 

If you’d like to get involved or are interested in learning more about our workforce development program, please contact Maria Moreno at