How to Participate in Pathways Training

Pathways is a program that was established to provide folks from underrepresented communities in film an opportunity to break into the industry. To be considered, you’d need to fill out an application and, if selected, you’d be interviewed for a chance to be a part of our training session. Our training sessions typically happen twice a year and they are one day sessions where we take folks through the ins and outs of being a production assistant. Once folks complete the training, their names are added to a list that is then sent to productions that come into town looking for PA’s. Only folks who have undergone our training session are eligible to be assigned a mentor.

Our last training session was held in March 2024. The exact date and details for the next session will be posted on as well as

We will also be hosting educational workshops in the coming months that will be open to the public. If you are interested in attending, please follow us on Instagram @otfpdx to stay up to date on all our events.