Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF)

The Oregon Production Investment Fund offers qualifying film or television productions a 25% cash rebate on production-related goods and services paid to Oregon vendors and a 20% cash rebate of payroll’d wages paid for work done in Oregon including both Oregon and non-Oregon residents. The labor portion of this rebate can be combined with the Greenlight Oregon program for an effective labor rebate of 26.2%.

A production must directly spend at least US $1million in Oregon to qualify. There is no per production cap.

OPIF is a capped annual fund of $20million for the July 1 to June 30 fiscal year and no single project can receive more than 50% of the OPIF fund in any fiscal year.

Interactive media work & post production only work from Oregon-based companies can also qualify for the OPIF program, however, non-scripted work does not generally qualify – please contact us at shoot@oregonfilm.org for more information.

It is also important for producers utilizing the Oregon incentives program to familiarize themselves with the state laws regarding Independent Contractors; which can be found on the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry website. Incentives cannot be paid to companies and projects which are in conflict with state laws.

Oregonians: To find out more on how to contribute to the OPIF program, read this article on our annual Tax Credit Auction