Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Oregon Film

OFVO has a mission to promote, support and advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the film, video, interactive, animation and creative content industries within the state by utilizing all of our tools to engage, employ, promote and foster connections between artists, producers, productions, businesses and public sectors to diversify Oregon’s voice, profile and reputation locally, nationally and internationally.

You can see our DEI Plan here.

OFVO has partnered with the non-profit Oregon Made Creative Foundation (OMCF) to support storytellers, filmmakers, and artists to attain sustainable careers in the arts, especially the digital arts. Additionally, the OMCF strives to draw together, under its #OregonMade banner – support, momentum and assistance for Oregon communities, whether they be urban, suburban, or rural and to help build and strengthen the connections among them. 

You can find a list of current & past granting and workforce development programs awarded through the OMCF via the embedded links. Together these programs have helped to bring over $200,000 to projects and filmmakers working here in the state; 75% of that funding has gone to artists and creators from historically under-represented and marginalized communities.

Oregon Film has also launched the Creative Opportunity Program (COP) that dedicates 2% of the Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF) to programs that directly support our local industry including:

  • Project and Individual Grants
  • Education and Training
  • Workforce Development and Paid Placements
  • Regional Development
  • Industry Access
  • Residencies and Fellowships
  • Local Festival Support
  • Professional Panels and Workshops
  • Mentorships

Through COP Oregon Film actives more than $300,000 per year to help to support and grow our local industry.

Find out the programs of the COP here.