Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate (GOLR)

The Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate offers productions a cash rebate of up to 6.2% of Oregon-based payroll subject to the project paying in at least 6.2% in Oregon withholding taxes. This rebate can be combined with the Oregon Production Investment Fund incentive for an effective rebate of 26.2% on qualifying production payroll.

Greenlight Oregon is an uncapped annual fund available to qualifying projects which spend more than $1million in Oregon.

Commercial production work can also qualify for the Greenlight Oregon program.

Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate program can provide a 6.2% cash rebate on in-state payroll for commercial productions that are spending over $1million (in both payroll plus good & services) in Oregon. There are two ways commercial production companies can qualify:

  • If they are spending more than $1million on one commercial production in Oregon or
  • If they are spending, in aggregate, over $1million in Oregon on several commercial productions done by the same applicant company in the same calendar year.

Greenlight is specifically a rebate of Oregon W/H taxes actually paid in up to a cap of 6.2% of overall Oregon-based payroll, so Oregon W/H taxes need to be paid in order to qualify for the rebate.

The Greenlight program does not have an annual cap just a per project cap of 6.2% of Oregon based payroll.

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