Oregon’s Incentives – What NOT to Do

Just like you, we want your incentive audit process to go smoothly and to get your rebate payment to you as quickly as possible. These are a few of the most common issues that slow down the payout of OPIF and Greenlight rebates. Avoiding these things can speed up the audit process and get your rebate to you much more quickly.

Regarding Payroll Reports:

  1. Don’t submit payroll reports without full social security numbers – The Oregon Dept. of Revenue requires full SSNs listed for all eligible Oregon labor being submitted for a Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate (GOLR).
  2. Don’t submit payroll reports that aren’t broken down by quarter – The Dept. of Revenue reconciles the payroll reports you submit with the quarterly reports submitted to the state by the payroll companies, so it is essential that they are separated out by quarter of the calendar year.
  3. Don’t submit payroll reports that include non-Oregon labor – GOLR rebates labor for both Oregon and non-Oregon residents, but only labor that actually takes place in Oregon is rebatable, so make sure that no out-of-state labor is included in the reports.

Regarding Oregon Vendor/Goods & Services Reports:

  1. Don’t submit vendor/goods & services reports in only printed or non-editable PDF form – If you submit your vendor reports in an editable format (MS Excel is preferred) that makes them much easier for us to work with on our end and the audit process will go much quicker.
  2. Don’t submit vendor/goods & services reports that contain non-Oregon vendors – Only purchases made from registered Oregon vendors are rebatable. Showing any non- Oregon expenses on the report only slows down the audit process.
  3. Don’t submit vendor/goods & services reports without a column showing the name of the actual Oregon vendor used – For OPIF rebates, we are required to cross-check the business name of each vendor used with the Oregon Secretary of State’s database to make sure that they are registered to do business in Oregon. Having the vendor names clearly listed in a column that is sortable will greatly speed up that process.
  4. Don’t include any labor or payments made through payroll on your vendor/goods & services reports – Qualifying expenses paid through payroll will be counted and rebated through the payroll reports. If some expenses are included on both reports, we have to manually check the vendor reports against the labor reports to remove those items so that nothing is being double counted toward the rebate. This takes extra time and delays the rebate payment.