Oregon’s Film & Media Incentives

Our media incentive programs can rebate 25% of your Oregon-based goods and services, and an additional cash payment of up to 26.2% of payroll wages paid to production personnel working in the state. 

The turnaround of cash rebate payments is quick and efficient.

In addition, there’s no sales tax in Oregon and there are additional incentives for regional production work. So the savings for basing your project here in Oregon could easily exceed 30%.

There are two main incentive programs in Oregon: The Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF) and the Greenlight Oregon Labor Rebate program (GOLR). Both of those are available to projects spending more than $1M here in the state and, combined, they rebate 26.2% of payrolled labor working in the state and 25% of goods and services bought or rented from Oregon registered companies.

In addition, as part of the OPIF program, we also offer two other incentive programs – the “local” OPIF (or L-OPIF) and the “regional” OPIF (or R-OPIF).

L-OPIF can be utilized by projects spending less than $1M (down to $75k) in the state but they need to be projects being produced by local producer or production company and are utilizing at least 80% Oregon residents as their speaking cast + crew.

R-OPIF is available to any OPIF or L-OPIF participating project that is shooting some or all of its production outside of the Portland Metro Area.

The first step is contact our office about your project and we can discuss the unique aspects of your project and review a budget and in-state spending.

You can find our more about these programs by utilizing the links below:

Feature films, television series, short films, documentaries, animated features and series, post production & VFX, and interactive games all qualify for the OPIF program. Please contact us to discuss Non-scripted or “reality” programs and commercial production. In general, they do not qualify for the OPIF program but depending on size and spending those types of projects may be considered for both the OPIF and GOLR programs.

Although both programs do not sunset until 2030, the OPIF program is capped each year at $20M. No single project can receive more than 50% of the OPIF fund in any fiscal year. Our fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30. The Greenlight Oregon program is not capped on an annual basis but is linked directly to the in-state payroll for the project and is capped at 6.2% of that project payroll.

We encourage all interested parties to contact us about the application process early and send us a budget so we can get a projection of possible rebates to weigh against the project’s schedule and the available funds in the OPIF program.

You can find out what specific costs qualify for which incentives here and you can find an Incentives Qualifying Flowchart here.

Here are some links to helpful articles about our incentive programs: