#OregonMade Creative Foundation

The OregonMade Creative Foundation (OMCF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit that supports the work of Oregon Film through the management and oversight of various projects such as the Outdoor Adventure Film Grant, the Tell Your Story Grant, the Pathways Placement program and the Oregon Film Trail.

OMCF supports the efforts of storytellers, filmmakers, and artists statewide to attain sustainable careers in the arts, especially the digital arts.  The Foundation, under its #OregonMade banner, strives to provide a place for all of Oregon’s creative communities, urban, suburban and rural, to come together, build, innovate, learn, and partner.  Among its many initiatives is the Oregon Film Trail, marking iconic filming locations throughout the state in celebration of Oregon’s historic contributions to filmmaking since 1908.

Since its founding in 2017 OMCF has worked with partners like Travel Oregon, Portland Film Office, Regional Arts and Culture Council and Outside the Frame to distribute more than $250,000 in grants and subsidies to help cultivate and train the creative community in Oregon.

Past projects highlights:

Past Grants & Programs

Watch this video from FujiFilm about “Tell Your Story” Grant winner Karina Lomelin Ripper’s short film “Chispa” –


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