VFX and Post Production in Oregon

Oregon is a great place to bring your post production. From sound mixing stages at Digital One to color correction at Mission Control and dailies & data flow oversight from Remotely everything you need to finish your project for broadcast, publication or international distribution is here. You can even do your background ADR recording in Oregon with Rebel Loop Group.

On top of that, Oregon’s Visual Effects companies have provided services for numerous large scale productions. This includes work on NBC’s “Grimm” and more recent projects for Netflix (“The Underground Railroad,” “Cowboy Beebop”), Amazon (“Fallout” & “The Peripheral”), Apple+ (“For All Mankind”), Max (“The Righteous Gemstones”), Hulu (“Shōgun”) and Paramount (“Little Wing”) amongst many, many others.

In addition, Oregon’s incentives apply for “post-only” projects. So, even if you haven’t shot your project in Oregon, you can still bring your VFX and other post production work into the state. Our 25% cash rebates apply to all post production work being done by local Oregon vendors whether you have done your production work here in Oregon or not.

You can see a full list of Oregon’s Editorial and Post companies here and our VFX service companies here (via the OMPA Directory). But you can also check out the specific work of companies like RefugeVFX, 9iFX and Hinge Digital via their embedded website links.


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