Art Rentals for Film & Media from Portland Art Museum

The Rental Sales Gallery is part of Portland Art Museum, and was founded in 1959 as a nonprofit gallery to give people access to the some of best of our regional artists. We proudly represent almost 200 artists from Oregon and Washington State.

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With a total inventory of over 1,000 original artworks, you can be assured that we will have artworks that you will love. Mediums include oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings; wood, metal, and stone sculptures, drawings, collages, photography and framed prints.

The highlights for production companies are: 

  1. Searchable online catalog by artist or art piece specification
  2. We handle legal release by contacting artists ourselves and then sign one form to release all of the selections
  3. Our team will collect selections for pickup at the gallery
  4. Affordable

All or our gallery artists are local to the PNW and rental fees directly support the artist and the Portland Art Museum. We’ve been in business since 1959 and are open from 11 to 5, Tuesday through Saturday for viewing. 

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