Oregon Weather

Oregon’s weather is both inspiring and beautiful as it is often unpredictable and dramatic. But for many, this is exactly what they come for. Think about the moody background of NBC’s series “Grimm,” the dark prehistoric forests in Sony’s “65” and the rugged and brooding Oregon Coast in Warner Brothers’ “The Goonies.” Contrast that with the sunny sidewalks and back streets from IFC’s “Portlandia,” the train tracks of “Stand by Me” and the trails and mountains in “Wild.”

That’s Oregon.

Oregon can be all things at all times. From the year round snow on the top of Mt. Hood to the endless sands of the Oregon Coast (which from California to Washington is one long State Park).

What should you expect? Well, in a nutshell, the summers are sunny and the winters are moody and in between you can find just about whatever cloud cover or lack thereof that you need depending on whether you are near the Columbia River in the north, out on the High Deserts in the east or in the sun filled vineyards of the south.

If you need more detail, you can find out more specifics from Travel Oregon here and from Travel Portland here.


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