Programs of the Creative Opportunity Program

Confirmed Programs

(For fiscal year 2022-2023. Our programs generally run October 1 to September 30.)


Pathways Placement Program

Paid job placement program for entry-level or experience seeking employees from priority populations.

PA Training Program

Production Assistant training sessions to support Pathways. (In partnership with Outside the Frame)

Outdoor Adventure Film Grant

Project specific grants for work showcasing the Oregon outdoors – focused on priority populations. (In partnership with Travel Oregon and Oregon Made Creative Foundation). Applications will be accepted from Jan. 23 to Feb. 17, 2023.

Tell Your Story Grant

Non-project specific grants to filmmakers seeking support to move their career forward in the film, media and entertainment fields. Focused on priority populations. (In partnership with Oregon Made Creative Foundation)

Pathways Support Programs

Identify and pair participants, projects and mentors; support participants’ experiences; find ways to create inclusive culture on those sets; tie it to DEI training; expand it to other parts of the industry (post, immersive, commercial); fundraise and seek partners to make that possible; and help expand and develop the program. (In partnership with OMPA)

Professional Membership Support

Provide OMPA membership to all participants of the various programs to ensure they can promote their skills, are featured on the platform, access jobs info. (In partnership with OMPA)

Writing for Games

Create a program to train interested students at writing for interactive games. (In partnership with Soma Games)

Confluence Filmmaker Fellows

The Confluence Filmmaker Fellows are a group of emerging movie-makers and multimedia artist from Indigenous communities who are who are using their craft to share their cultures and perspectives. With support from Oregon Film, Confluence will offer grants to support projects that align with our mission to connect people with the history, living cultures, and ecology of the Columbia River system through Indigenous voices. (In partnership with The Confluence Project)

Top Secret Club

Host and facilitate bi-monthly table reads for screenwriters and professional actors to workshop their projects. The event would be open to the community and allow people to provide notes and feedback. These events would be followed by networking and socializing afterward to support intersectional relationship building. Facilitate and support teams in the story development and next phase of their project development. (In partnership with Desert Island Studios)

DAMN Good People & Safe Sets

Develop process for vetted freelancers from priority populations. Then offer a service to productions interested in DEI for their projects; providing a hiring body as well as provide HR and DEI training support to productions. Implement a Safe Set agreement for all cast and crew as part of the process. (In partnership with Desert Island Studios)

Eastern Oregon Filmmakers Residency

A month-long program for writers/directors to get designated time and space to work on feature-length screenplays in La Grande. (In Partnership with Eastern Oregon Film Festival)

Documentary Finishing Funds

To provide funding and support to help a documentary film cross the finish line in 2023. Open to documentary films of all kinds but priority will be given to short documentaries telling stories about Portland and the Pacific Northwest. (In partnership with NW Documentary)

DEI Training

Provide DEI Training for those working on productions welcoming PAs to set; for mentors; for the community at large. (In partnership with OMPA)

Hatfield Marine Center Documentary Residency

To support a two month residency for a filmmaker at Hatfield Marine Science Center. The filmmaker will be embedded in the middle of a complex dedicated to scientific research. Inspiration for this grant comes from Jean Painlevé, a pioneer in scientific filmmaking who worked at the intersection of cinema, science, and poetry. (In partnership with NW Documentary)

Short Film Anthology

“Dark Arts Bizarre”  – a short film anthology with a total of 8 directors, with over half of them being people of color and women. (In partnership with Lion Speaks)


A showcase of talent from priority populations including those who are producing content via the other COP programs; chance to partner with other COP programs to develop filmmaker’s careers. (In partnership with OMPA)

Creatives of Color Events

Provide a safe space for creatives of color to connect, collaborate and develop. (In partnership with OMPA)

Artist in Residency 

Working with two media creators to provide space, resources, and time to focus on creating a project that is not normally in their wheelhouse, i.e. a different medium. As part of the residency there will be a few open houses for the community to come and hear about what the artists are working on. (In partnership with PAM Cut)

Professional Development Workshops 

Provide direct workshops to learn more about the basics of creating a business, and budgeting, and all of the professional business side of things that go into film/media making. “In the Clear” which will discuss clearance and rights issues for producers. Also, The Ins and Outs of Production Contracts. (In partnership with PAM Cut)

BIPOC Women Filmmakers Grant

Supporting BendFilm’s BIPOC Woman Filmmaking Grant that has supported BIPOC women artists with $10,000 toward making a short or feature film. (In partnership with BendFilm)

Filmmaker Workshops

The Bend Filmmakers Workshops will be hosted during the 2023 BendFilm Festival, October 12-22, 2023 as part of the Festival’s education components. (In partnership with BendFilm)

Free Festival Submissions to Oregon Film Festivals for Oregon Students

As part of a limited program many Oregon Film Festivals are offering waived submission fees for Oregon students.

Lane County Studios

Raise the overall awareness of the importance of a film studio in Eugene, open doors that would lead to donations and other grants, and clearly make the point that Eugene has a thriving film community.

Southern Oregon University PA Training Program

The Production Assistant Experience is a five-week, once-per-week workshop for 4-credits with paid work placements as Production Assistants to eligible individuals who complete the training.

Central Oregon Film Office

Create greater awareness of Central Oregon from location scouts who use ReelScout and our website as tool to locate production areas for their shoot.

Consent on Set Workshops

This half-day workshop will cover introductions to consent, boundaries, power dynamics, trauma-informed practices, and the role of Intimacy Coordinators for anyone working in film, television, video, and digital content creation. The focus is how producers, writers, directors, and actors can expect to work with an Intimacy Practitioner, whether the content is Union or Non-Union, and scripted or unscripted. 


Get specific info on programs by clicking on the embedded hyperlink, where provided. Links will be updated as/when program details are announced. If you have questions and/or want to suggest a Creative Opportunity Program or partnership please email us:

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